Being modern, beautiful and successful ● Biti moderan, lep i uspešan
Быть модным, красивым и успешным ● 是现代的,美丽,成功

What I Do

Being a fashion designer and stylist, I'm specialized in silk lined dress, morning and frock coats. The extensive line of fashion wear carries exclusive "Di Krupsky" trademark, fostering the charming fragrance of luxury and beauty.


Who I Am

I'm the actor blinded by the storyline of fashion - a personal image consultant, fashion stylist & designer. And also an avid fan of the old Hollywood glamour. Di Krupsky design has been heralded as one of the most influential regional fashion trademarks.


Partners & Sponsors

Special thanks to all of Di Krupsky sponsors and partners for their continuous contribution and support:

Astradas  |  Balkan Popust  |  Beozoom  |  Bio Una  |  BN Bos  |  Caffe Bar Hugo  |  Dash's  |  Excalibur  |  Moderator  |  Office Shoes  |  Phoenix Creative Studio  |  Slatko scre GK  |  Soriage


My Work

Binding the unbindable into the unique style of the fashionable wear.
Connecting the vintage-inspired design, fabrics and silhouettes, Di Kruspky line is evocative of the European sensibility and glamour.


Say Hello.

For any additional questions and inquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch with my PR team using the contact form below: